Global Beer 🍺 Production Trends

My last post included some exploratory data analysis into global production of different types of food, with an emphasis on meat and animal feed. The FAO dataset also includes information on beer yields per country. My internal beer-nerd could not resist but investigate the trends there-within as well.

In the post-prohibition era, China took the beer throne from the USA in 2003 during a period of explosive growth undoubtedly driven by the rise of CR Snow. Snow beer, founded in 1993 is currently the world's #1 selling beer with 93 breweries operating across mainland China in 25 different provinces. 

The Brazilian beer market shows promising growth as well increasing production by 54% from 2000-2013. Finally, Germany has experienced a gradual decline in production since it peaked at 12 million tons of beer produced in 1992.

I personally am very interested to see how our current global pandemic will impact these figures. With 'going out' virtually eliminated worldwide for a significant proportion of 2020, will beer production & sales slow? Will the promising growth in off-premise beer sales overcome the hit to bars and restaurants? The thought makes me thirsty 🍻



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